E-Global Media Consulting’s ecommerce-optimized web designs are designed to drive

customers to make a purchase.

Brand identity plays a big role in marketing. After all, it’s how your customers think about you, so it needs to be spot-on. Keeping your brand identity consistent is essential. Because a consistent identity helps people remember you and trust you.

Crafting a strong brand identity can seem like a big challenge. But don’t cave under the pressure! We’re here to help.
In today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, perception is reality. Your brand is the face of your business: what message is your brand currently sending to customers?

Whether your business is rebranding or building a new vision from the ground up, E-Global Interactive brand and identity development services will create a memorable and meaningful brand development solution for your business.

A Well-Designed Ecommerce Website Gets You Conversion

Your website needs to be professionally designed and developed to ensure your brand’s success online.

Unique, intuitive design ups customer engagement and retention

We can help you dazzle your customers with a striking design that reinforces your brand, engages your customers’ interest, and encourages them to buy on every page.

Ecommerce optimization increases sales and ups your ROI

We can help you provide your customers easy-to-find information and easy-to-use tools to make their shopping experience quick, easy, and hassle-free. This, in turn, will help build your brand image and customer loyalty among your target customer base.

Whatever your ecommerce needs, we can help you realize your business goals, on time and on budget.

9 Tools We Make Sure Your Ecommerce Website Has To Succeed

Your online store must have top-notch customized design, functionality, and features to attract and engage your customers. But for you to meet and exceed your ecommerce goals, you also need to have all these tools that make online shopping convenient and secure, and help you manage your website with ease.

01: Content management system


An easy-to-use, intuitive content management system (CMS) gives you full control of your website.

E-Global Media Consulting can help you build such a CMS so that you can:

Publish stories easily

Easily create new pages and update them any time

Add images, links to product pages any time

Set SEO elements

Archive posts in a user-friendly way

Create assets for easy sharing on social media

02: Promotion and discount tools


Sales are a part and parcel of online retail, and a hit with online shoppers worldwide. But they must be run smoothly to have a positive impact on your business and brand image.

E-Global Media Consulting can create for you an easy-to-manage system to:

Run various types of discounts, from percentage off to a limited-period discount

Create and manage discount codes

Set parameters and limitations for finding and using promotional discounts

03: Suggested pages and related products


These are a must have as they keep your visitors on your site browsing, and make it easier for them to search for and share your content.

E-Global Media Consulting makes sure that your website uses:

Pattern recognition so that your site visitors are shown products related to what they’re looking at

Predictive text filling in the search bar so that your customers can easily look for a product

Ways to highlight promotional and seasonal items

Sharing functionality so that your customers can share what they like with their friends

04: Content management system


Filters make it easier for your customers to search for and narrow down on products that fit their needs, ensuring greater conversion.

To ensure ease of shopping, E-Global Media Consulting makes sure that your website has:

Filters by gender, price, popularity, relevance, and other relevant categories

A “quick preview” feature so that shoppers only click through to a product page when they are really interested

05: Reporting tools


These tools are essential for you to take informed, insight-based decisions that grow your business.

E-Global Media Consulting can create for you a single interactive reporting dashboard that clearly captures details such as:


New customers vs. returning customers

Top-selling (“hot”) products

Most used discount codes

Inventory status

Customer behavior patterns

Purchasing habits

06: Email marketing


This helps you grow and strengthen your brand loyalty in the long term, taking digital marketing to a whole new level.

To create a lasting loyalty, E-Global Media Consulting helps you:

Build a newsletter list

Set up emails for order status and shipping updates

Set up email marketing templates

Build a subscriber base

Set email server configuration

Carry out segmented, targeted email campaigns

07: Dynamic shopping cart


We make shopping on your site a breeze. With our services, you can rest assured that your customers can:

Add items to your shopping cart with ease, the cart dynamically populating with the added products.

Save an item for later, creating a public or private wishlist

Shop with confidence, knowing that the checkout process is verified and secure through the display of badges like VeriSign, McAfee

08: Secure payment process


To make sales online, your site’s payment process should inspire trust and confidence in your customers.

To ensure this, eMC makes sure that your website offers:

Multiple secure payment options

An easy-to-use checkout process

A clear payment confirmation page + an email confirming receipt of payment

Multiple shipping options with shipping costs included directly in the shopping cart before checkout

Multiple delivery timelines, from standard to expedited delivery

Tracking information

09: Scalable platform


eGlobal designs your website to scale with your business. So that when your traffic and sales boom, your website can easily handle them and still function optimally.

To develop an ecommerce website with all these tools and more, reach out to us with your requirements. Whatever your specs, we can create a perfect solution for you.

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